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    Address: 39, Hai'ou Lu, Fengxian District, Shanghai

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    Address: 78 Xinzhen Lu, near Gudai Lu, Minhang District, Shanghai

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    Address: Duolun Lu, Hongkou District, Shanghai

    Description: This famous and historic street is located in the Hongkou District of Shanghai near to Luxun Park. It has the best examples of ''old'' Shanghai's European villas and mansions. The street began to prosper around...

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    Address: Huaihai Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Description: When the Treaty of Nanjing was signed during the Qing Dynasty, parts of Shanghai were conceded to the French, the US and Britain. On this land each respective occupier had its own influence on everything from a...

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    Address: 53 Hengshan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Description: This Ecumenical church is run by the Shanghai Community Fellowship, and was established in 1920 by American immigrants, originally on Donghu Lu. It moved to its current location in 1923 and has been an active p...

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    Address: 1F Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Ticket Center, 80 Waima Lu, ...

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    Address: 170 Anyuan Lu,Putuo District, Shanghai

    Description: Originally built in 1882, the Jade Buddha Temple lies approximately 3.5 km northwest of the city. It houses two jade statues of Buddha that Monk Huigen brought back from his travels to Burma. These two rare cul...

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    Address: 8/F,88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong New District, Shanghai

    Description: This 88-story landmark is about to lose its status as the tallest building in China, but a visit is nonetheless worthwhile. Located in the Lujiazui area of the Pudong district, the Jinmao Tower is renowned for ...

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    Address: 5 Xincheng Lu, Nankang Lukou, Jinshan District, Shanghai

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    Address: Inside Creative Park, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Aomen Lu, Moganshan Lu, ...

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    Address: 316 Xizang Zhonglu, near Jiujiang Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai

    Description: Another instantly-recognisable building in Shanghai, this church sits between skyscrapers looking over People's Park. It was founded by American missionaries in 1887 and closed for a decade during the Cultural ...

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    Address: 501 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Dongmen Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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    Address: 62 Changyang Lu, near Zhoushan Lu, Hongkou District, Shanghai

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    Address: 249 Fangbang Zhonglu, Huangpu District,Shanghai

    Description: This Taoist temple is located to the south of Yan'an Road, on Fangbang Zhonglu. It is comprised of numerous elegantly decorated halls, including the Grand Hall, Yama Palace and the Xuzhen God Hall. It also has ...

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    Address: Fangbang Zhonglu (Zhonghua Lu - Henan Lu), Huangpu District,Shanghai

    Description: Visitors looking to experience Old Shanghai can head for Shanghai Laojie, and the nearby Fangbang Middle Road. The former was originally named Miaoqian for its banks, jewellers, restaurants and theaters. It bri...

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    Address: 55 Xinle Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

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    Address: 151 Hongfeng Lu, Pudong District, Shanghai

    Description: The buzzing expat hub of Jinqiao Green City is home to the Sacred Heart Catholic church. It's something of a pillar of the community, and hosts many events, vibrant, get-togethers, charity events, and concerts....

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    Address: 6015 Huaxia Dong Lu, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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    Address: 53 Hengshan Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Description: Located on the city's swanky Hengshan Road, and completed in 1925, the Shanghai Community Church was built by a group of wealthy overseas Chinese. The church was originally founded in 1917 when an American Chri...

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    Address: 375 Shanxi Beilu, Jing'an District, Shanghai


    Catholic missionary Frank Rawlinson built this simple red brick church in 1910. He was shot by the Japanese in 1937 but his legacy lives on in the vibrant community church he founded.


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    Address: 201 Renmin Dadao, Huangpu District,Shanghai

    Description: With a collection numbering 120,000 pieces, this museum specializes in ancient Chinese artworks ranging from painting and calligraphies, bronze works and porcelain. It has priceless artifacts including bronze w...

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    Address: Huanshan Lu, Sheshan, Songjiang District, Shanghai

    Description: This one is a little way out of town, but it's definitely worth a look if you are planning a trip out to Songjiang District. Sheshan Tang was built by the Jesuits in 1866 and is the largest Christian ecclesiast...

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    Address: 185 Dongjiadu Lu, near Zhongshan Nanlu, Huangpu District, Shanghai

    Description: This white Bund-side Catholic basilica was built in the Qing Dynasty in 1847, and became the seat of the Bishop of Shanghai in 1946. The building is a copy of the Chiesa del Gesu in Rome. Look out for the tradi...

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    Address: 158 Puxi Lu, near Caoxi Beilu, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Description: Certainly one of Shanghai's most iconic landmarks, the double-spired Catholic cathedral in Xujiahui has a long and rocky history. It was built by French Jesuits between 1905 and 1910 from a Gothic-style design ...

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    Address: 3F, 270 Chongqing Nanlu, near Hefei Lu, Luwan District, Shanghai

    Description: This striking white building in the heart of the French Concession was built in the 1930s as a place for Catholic expatriates to worship. It still attracts a healthy crowd of foreigners, and offers masses in En...