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    Address: Wenming Lu, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Town, Sanya

    Description: The Qiyuan Art Museum is both a gallery and an educational institution with a variety of exhibitions and planted gardens, which include a pretty collection of bonsai, groups of decorative stones and an exhibiti...

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    Address: 5F Mingzhu Square, Jiefang Lu, Hexi District, Sanya

    Description: Haitian Bookstore is a comprehensive bookstore that deals with various books, audio-video products, internet service as well as computer training. It specializes in teaching and learning books both for children...

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    Address: 1077 Jiefanglu, Sanya

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    Address: 68 Fenghuang Lu, Sanya

    Description: This museum sits on the fourth floor of Sanya Municipal Library, housing a small number of culturally important finds from around the area dating from the Paleolithic Period through to the present day. It has a...

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    Address: 68 Fenghuang Lu, Sanya

    Description: Sanya Library construction began on February 18, 2000. This library has received over RMB 27 million in grants and investment. This massive library floor space has been estimated at 10,080 square meters area wi...