Fujian Post Office [福建邮局]

  • Address:48 Hualin Lu, Fuzhou
  • Contact: 11185, 0591 780 2642  
  • Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 (Mon.-Fri.)
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Wuyi Zhonglu Branch
Add: 73 Wuyi Zhonglu, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-3355444

Fuxin Branch
Add: 222 Fuxin Lu, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-7508574

Qianyu Branch
Add: 439 Qianyu Jie, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-3964547

Dongda Branch
Add: 88 Dongda Lu, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-7528247

Zhongting Jie Branch
Add: Shop Front 91, Section C, Zhongting Jie, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-3219242

Gutian Lu Branch
Add: 101 Gutian Lu, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591-7111709

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ileana ferrer
Oct 29, 2010 10:26

can you give me inf a bout this tracking num. if allredy came out of china to usa. is this number real pls. RR662732483CN. this is the tracking num they give me.

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