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A Lilang Korean Restaurant


Serves popular Korean BBQ. Average price per person is about RMB 92


Price:RMB 60-80

Address:310 Wusi Beilu, Jin'an District, Fuzhou

Antailou Restaurant


Antailou Restaurant is a long standing restaurant known for its Min cuisine and local snacks. Average price is RMB30 per person.  



Address:39 Jibi Lu, Fuzhou

Art Sea Fine Arts (Yihai Meishu)

Description: #this_tab td{padding-left:3px;} Class Time Tuition Pencil sketch (color) weekend classes Many selections in weekends RMB 480 Pencil sketch (color) classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights RMB 540 Pencil ske...


Address:6, 9, Bldg 4 Luzhuang Huayuan, 148 Yangqiao Zhonglu, Fuzhou


Description: Serves meat/vegetable rice set meal, noodles and snacks. The average price is about RMB 12 per person. Wuyi Branch Add: 101 Wuyi Beilu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87504016, 87678782 Liuyi Branch Add: 261 Liuyi Beilu, Fuz...

Price:RMB 11

Address:101 Wuyi Beilu, Gulou District,Fuzhou

Baguo Buyi Restaurant

Description: Serves authentic Sichuan cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere, suitable for business or pleasure. Specialty dishes include tofu fish, crab with wild chili and steamed chicken with chili sauce. Average price ranges ...

Price:RMB 50-60

Address:3F,Bldg A,Zhongfu Xihu Garden, 66 Hubin Lu,Gulou District, Fuzhou

Dongfanghong Restaurant

Description: Authentic Hunan cuisine with such dishes as spiced fish head, preserved red dates and other delicacies. Average price is RMB 55 per person. Wusi Lu Branch Add: 310 Wusi Lu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87725609 87711518 Ya...

Price:RMB 50-60

Address:310 Wusi Beilu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Dongtai Chuan Cai Guan


Serves Spicy Boiled Fish (Shuizhuyu), Boiled Fish with Pickled Vegetable (Suancaiyu), spicy sausages (Maoxuewang) and other Sichuan delicacies. Average price is RMB35 per person.


Price:RMB 30-50

Address:71 Dongtai Lu, Fuzhou

Eiffel Café


A pleasant atmosphere with nostalgic melodies in the background.  


Price:RMB 40-60

Address:16 Shengfu Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Fuzhou Qincou Piano Training Center


Classes include piano, electronic organ, adult vocal training, children singing, accompaniment and basic musical knowledge.  



Address:105, Bldg 7, Xianta Xiaoqu, Xianta Jie, Fuzhou

Geni Café


Serves Lanshan coffee (RMB35/cup), Brazilian coffee (RMB35/pot) and mocha coffee (RMB30/pot)  



Address:58 Wenquan Gongyuan Lu, Fuzhou

Huanhuai Renjia Restaurant

Description: Popular restaurant serving Shanghai cuisine (also known as Hu Cai). Shanghai hairy crabs, sweet and sour spare ribs (Tangcu Xiaopai), salted meats and ''drunken''fish are highly recommended. Average price is ab...

Price:RMB 40-50

Address:Sanjiaojing, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Indian Kitchen


Specialties include Lamb with Coconut Juice, Mango Roti Prata and other popular Hindu delicacies.  


Price:RMB 65

Address:Villa 10, Shuidiaogetou, Hudong Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Jazzy Pizza

Description: Fuzhou's home of authentic homemade pizza with wide selection of toppings. Wusi Branch Add: No.1, 2F, Jiajian Building, 258 Wusi Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87855877 Bayiqi Branch Add: 1F, Minxing Buil...

Price:RMB 30-50

Address:2F, Jiajian Building, 258 Wusi Lu, Fuzhou

Jiejue Xinjiang Cuisine Restaurant


Distinct flavors and large portions characterize this authentic Xinjiang restaurant. Pork is not served here and all meats are Halal (allowed under the Muslim faith).


Price:RMB 30-50

Address:North of the head of Youxizhou Bridge, west secong ring,Fuzhou

Jinxiangwan Thailand Restaurant


Authentic Thai food with most vegetable dishes priced at RMB25 and meat dishes ranging from RMB48-89. Average price per person is RMB100.


Price:RMB 80-100

Address:2F, Wuyi Restaurant, 169 Hulin Lu, Fuzhou

Jinxiutang Tea House


Good venue for relaxation or business. Pleasant décor with extensive folk art collection and auction house. Average price is about RMB30-40 per person.  


Price:RMB 20-50

Address:1F, East Bldg, Fujian Library, 227 Hudong Lu, Fuzhou

Juchunyuan Restaurant

1 Reviews

Description: Popular hotel restaurant serving the area for many years. Each floor serves its own specialties. Most notably, the third floor restaurant specializes in ‘Buddha Jumps over the Wall’ (Fo Tiao Qiang) and other ...

Price:RMB 1688

Address:2 Dongjie, Gulou District, Fuzhou


Description: Dongjiekou Branch Add: 2F, Juchuanyuan Hotel, 101 Bayiqi Beilu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87502334 Jiangbin Branch Add: 128 Yangqiao Xilu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-83773042 Shida Branch Add: intersection of Shangsan Lu and Shou...

Price:RMB 27

Address:2F, Juchunyuan Hotel, 101 Bayiqi Beilu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Malan Noodles Fast Food Restaurant


Fast food restaurant specializing in Lanzhou noodles.

Dongda Branch Add: 1F,Tianjia Building, 28Dong Dalu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87274137

Tongpan Branch Add: 159 Tongpan Lu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87275095  


Price:RMB 20-30

Address:Dongbai Food Square, 8F, Dongfang Baihuo, 1 Yangqiao Lu, Fuzhou


Description: Dongjiekou Branch (24hr) Add: 84 Bayiqi Beilu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87603354 Yangqiao Branch Add: 2F, Huadu Commercial Building, 8 Yangqiao Donglu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87549234 Jintai Branch (24hr) Add: 19 Jintai Lu, ...

Price:RMB 25

Address:Underground, Dongbai Building, Bayiqi Beilu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Mingtien Café


Price:RMB 50-60

Address:2F, Rongshui Building, 104 Dongda Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Mudan Restaurant


Specializes in Min cuisine (Fujian cuisine), but also serves other traditional Chinese dishes. Average price is RMB 70 per person.  


Price:RMB 76

Address:218 Xierhuan Zhonglu, Fuzhou

Pizza Hut

Description: Wusi Branch Add: 1-2F, South Bldg, Huafu Square, 162 Wusi Lu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-88011771 Dongbai Branch Add: 2F, Dongbai Building, 1 Yangqiao Lu, Fuzhou Tel: 0591-87506212 Xianshi Branch Add: 1F, Xianshi Fashion...

Price:RMB 64

Address:2F,Dongbai Building, 1 Yangqiao Donglu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

Rongquan Tea House



Address:43 Gaoqiao Lu, Taijiang District, Fuzhou

Shi Jing Zhai


Popular restaurant for local and foreign vegetarians. Regular customers receive a VIP card giving a 10% discount on each meal.


Price:RMB 40-50

Address:2F, 3 Xinquan Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou

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