Lin Zexu Memorial Hall (Lin Zexu Jinianguan) [林则徐纪念馆]

  • Address:16 Aomen Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou
  • Getting there: Take bus No.54 to Guanglufang stop
  • Contact: 0591 8756 8854 0591 8762 1607  
  • Website:
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Lin Zexu was a Qing Dynasty scholar and official, who fought against the creeping imperialism and opium trade that led to the First Opium Wars. His position as a ''Shepherd of the Chinese People'' was all but forgotten for a while, but his story has found popularity again and he is now seen as a national Chinese hero. Films have been made about him and in 1982 this garden was opened in Fuzhou to honor his memory, near the temple that was built for him in 1905.

The Shude Hall is the central focus of the park. Displays containing Li's personal artifacts such as fan coverings, poetry, manuscripts and letters are housed here, and seated in the centre of the hall is a statue of Lin Zexu in official costume seated below a large inscription promising Happiness and Longevity in the calligraphy of Emperor Daoguang (1782-1852) of the Qing Dynasty. Other features of the hall include a huge sculpture depicting in relief the scene of Opium being burnt at Humen during the First Opium War. A series of 20 engraved stone tablets display the many official positions Li held during his time as a Qing Dynasty official.

A number of other pavilions and halls are found in the Park, including the square Yubei Pavilion, the Quchi Building which is now an exhibition hall and the two-story Zhubaixuan Pavilion, which has space on the ground floor for 100 people to watch films and documentaries, while upstairs is a study room.

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