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CAAC Ticket Office



Address:46 Shaoshan Nanlu, Changsha

Chairman Mao Zedong's Former Residence (Mao Ze dong Guju)

Description: This is considered one of the better of the two main sights.  Although, Mao's former home does not look that different from some of the present farmhouses in Hunan and Sichuan, this site is considered rich for...

Price:RMB 24

Address:538 Bayi Lu, Changsha

Changsha Automobile Rental Co., Ltd. (Changsha shi qi che zu lin gong si)

Description: This company is highly regarded in Changsha and offers cars from compact cars to large five-door vehicles. It will also arrange 24-hour breakdown service and a bilingual driver service. Office hours: 8:00 am - ...

Price:RMB 260/day (for new VW, Jetta model) ; RMB 320/day (for new Hongqi model)

Address:216 Shaoshan Zhonglu, Changsha

Changsha China International Travel Service



Address:10F, Shuntian Building, 59 Second Section, Furong Zhonglu, Changsha

Changsha China Youth Travel Services Co., Ltd.



Address:5 Laodong Zhonglu, Changsha

Changsha Passenger Port



Address:326 First Section, Xiangjiang Zhonglu, Changsha

Changsha Railway Station (Changsha Huoche Zhan)



Address:34 Wuyi Dadao, Changsha

Changsha Sea World (Changsha Haidi Shijie)

Description: Situated on the banks of the Liuyang River, and a part of the Changsha New Century Cultural Market, this 100 acre aquarium is still growing thanks to recent investments, estimated to have reached over RMB300 mi...

Price:RMB 80

Address:East of Liuyang River Bridge, Changsha

Changsha Zoo (Changsha Dongwuyuan)

Description: Changsha Zoo has the most diverse collection of animals in Hunan Province, and specializes in breeding animals from outside of Asia, both wild and domesticated. It does have a number of native species too, incl...

Price:RMB 20

Address:312 Deya Lu, Changsha

China South Airline Company Ticket Office



Address:336 Chezhan Zhonglu, Changsha

China Youth Travel Agency



Address:46 Zhanlanguan Lu (Central area), Changsha

East Distant Passenger Station (Qiche Dongzhan)


Destinations: Hefei, Nanchang, Xiamen, Nanjing and Shanghai  



Address:1021 Yuanda Yilu, Changsha

Heavenly Heart Pavilion (Tianxin Ge)

Description: Situated on Orange Isle in Tianxin Park, the Heavenly Park Pavilion was constructed during the Ming Dynasty on the ruins of the old City Wall. The three pavilions and long corridor which make up the complex are...

Price:RMB 18

Address:88 Tianxin Lu, Changsha

Huanghua International Airport

Description: The Huanghua International Airport is located 25 kilometers to the east of Changsha. There are 24 airline companies operating out of the airport on 56 domestic and international routes, with nearly 200 flights ...


Address:Huanghua airport, Changsha County, Changsha

Hunan Forest Botanical Garden (Hunan Senlin Zhiwuyuan)

Description: Also known as Tianjiling National Forest Park, this 140 hectare park specializes in cultivating and protecting the native plants of tropical Asia. It encompasses forested hills and valleys, grasslands, deep blu...

Price:RMB 20

Address:Dongjing Town, Yuhua District, Changsha

Jiefang Lu Agency



Address:331 Zhongshan Xilu, Kaifu District, Changsha

Mawangdui Han Tombs (Mawangdui Hanmu)

Description: This remarkable site is a complex of three tombs excavated in the early 70s, since when over 3000 individual objects have been recovered. The tombs contained three mummies in a remarkable state of preservation....


Address:89 Guhan Lu, Changsha

Mt. Hengshan (Heng Shan)

Description: Also known as Nanyue Shan (Southern Heights Mountain), Hengshan Mountain 120 kilometers south of Changsha is one of the five sacred mountains in China and is revered by followers of both Taoism and Buddhism. Th...

Price:RMB 101

Address:Hengshan County, Changsha, (about 120 km south of Changsha)

Nanjiao Park (Nanjiao Gongyuan)

Description: Nanjiao Park lies to the south of Changsha in the Xinkaipu suburb, where over 65 species of rare, protected or highly regarded trees are have been cultivated, including Black Pine and Fendan Bamboo. The park is...

Price:RMB 6

Address:109 Xinkaipu Lu, Tianxin District, Changsha

Orange Isle (Juzi Zhou)

Description: The tiny Orange Isle in the middle of the Xiang River covers only one square kilometer but is famous for the fragrant orange trees which blossom on it during springtime. It has beautiful views over the river an...

Price:RMB 100

Address:Midstream of Xiangjiang River

Ping'an Building Agency



Address:458 First Section, Furong Zhonglu (Central Area), Changsha

Renmin Lu Agency



Address:135 Renmin Lu (Central area), Changsha

South Distant Passenger Station (Qiche Nanzhan)


Destinations: Guilin, Xiamen, Nanjing and neighboring cities in Hunan Province



Address:643 Zhongyi Lu, Changsha

South Railway Station Agency



Address:No. 107, Building 1, Senyu Jiayuan, Nanhu Lu, Changsha

Wangyue Park (Wangyue Gongyuan)

1 Reviews


Lying at the junction of Xianjiahu Road and Hexirongyin North Road spread over 18 hectares, this park is popular with locals who come to practice sports and study martial arts.


Price:RMB 5

Address:2 Xianjiahu Lu, Yuelu District, Changsha

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