Zhengzhou Museum (Zhengzhou Bo Wu Guan) [郑州博物馆]

  • Address:168 Songshan Nanlu, Zhengzhou
  • Getting there: 9, 44, 46, 49, 58, 79, 84, 102
  • Contact: 0371-6744 7301  
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The Zhengzhou Museum has several collections demonstrating the cultural history of the city. It has eight major exhibition areas, the busiest of which are the collections of Shang& Zhou Dynasty bronze ware and stone carvings from the Tang& Song Dynasties. The other areas include ancient pottery and coins, rock paintings and calligraphy,

Audio Cost: RMB 50/each for the 1st -class audio tour (Chinese/English) , RMB 30/each for the 2nd -class audio tour (Chinese/English)

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