Chouzhou Park(Chou Zhou Gongyuan) [稠州公园]

  • Address:Chouzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu
  • Contact: 0579-85312765  
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The park is located at in the intersection of Chouzhou Zhonglu and Nanmen Jie in downtown Yiwu. The park is built around the water features which include pretty fountains and a rock garden. A series of yards, pavilions and gardens are open for visitors to stroll around. Dotted around the park are a series of sculptures depicting Yiwu's most illustrious children, including the Tang Dynasty poet Luo Binwang and Chen Wangdao a prominent scholar and the first man to translate Marx's Communist Manifesto into Chinese. There is also children's amusement zone and a boating lake.

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