Luo Binwang Park (Luo Binwang Gongyuan) [骆宾王公园]

  • Address:48 Chengzhong Zhonglu, Yiwu
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Luo Binwang is revered as one of the greatest poets of the Tang Dynasty, writing mainly patriotic poetry. A child prodigy, he wrote his first masterpiece at age seven: Ode to the Goose is still read by almost every Chinese child during their school career. Much of his work has been lost over time, but the 130 poems and 30 pieces of prose that have survived are renowned across China. The Luo Binwang Park in Yiwu was constructed to immortalize the memory of Luo Binwang The park is themed around the poetry of Luo Binwang with rock gardens, pavilions and lakes which demonstrate his themes and feature displays of his poetry and history.

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