Double Dragons Resort (Shuang Long Fengjing Qu) [双龙风景区]

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The Double Dragons Resort lies in the thickly forested landscape of Jinhua Mountain, 8 kilometers from Jinhua City. Double Dragon Cave is the most often visited spot: this series of caves has a total area of nearly three and a half thousand meters squared, and must be entered by lying flat in a boat, dodging the low hanging stalactites. The walls of the cave are covered in a multitude of (mainly Taoist) inscriptions, inspired by the stillness of the cave. This cave has had special significance for Taoists for over 1700 years. The mountain has been an important religious site for a variety of reasons. It is known that the mountain is where Huang Chuping (known as Chisongzi) achieved enlightenment to become an immortal during the Jin kingdom.

The park is a wonderful place to explore dotted with hidden underground waterfalls, a Taoist Temple, the Huge Twisting Mountain, and Sharp Peak Mountain. The limestone rock out of which Double Dragon Caves are formed, have created interesting underground landscapes of stalagmites and stalactites, covered on ground level by red-pine forests.

If you are in Yiwu you can take coach to Jinhua from Yiwu south passenger station. Then take bus Y3 or Y5 from Jinhua city.

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