Shuanglin Temple (Shuang Lin Si) [双林寺]

  • Address:Yunhuangshan Mountain, Fotang Town, Yiwu
  • Getting there: 311,316, 319
  • Contact:  
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Shuanglin Temple is located in Fotang Town just outside of Yiwu. It was an active temple for 15 centuries, housing over 200 monks at its height. However, in 1958 at the start of China's Great Leap Forward, the temple was nearly completely destroyed. In 1979, renovations were started by two nuns.

A dagoba dedicated to the founder of the temple is a prominent feature, as is the Daxiong palace, though the Shuanglin Iron Pagoda is the most precious treasure at the temple. The iron pagoda is the oldest of is kind in China. It has 8 sides and 2 stories each carved with hundreds of figures of the Buddha. The huge iron structure is now over 1000 years old and though there is some concern that it may rust at some point, to date it seems to be in good condition.

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