Yiwu Taiwan Enterprise Association

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Established on September 18th, 1998, the association is a non-governmental society approved by the Yiwu Bureau of Civil Affairs, in accordance with relative provisions of Laws and Regulations of the People's Republic Of China Governing Foreign-Related Matters issued by State Council, at the principle of free will of Taiwan Enterprises investing and setting up factories in Yiwu. The tenet of the association is to communicate with Taiwan merchants investing and setting up factories in Yiwu, protect legal rights of the members, promote and absorb more Taiwan people and merchants to Yiwu for tourism, procurement and investment, exchange cross-straits economic information, hold activities conducive to the economy and society and provide member emergency rescue and relative consultancy services.

Abiding by State laws and regulations, and the tenet of "solidarity, exchange, service and development", the association develops friendship-building exchanges and commonwealth activities to promote understanding and cooperation among members, communicate contacts among corporations and government departments and promote corporations' development and economic flourishing. It is a window of communication between the government and Taiwan merchants. Through this window, Taiwan merchants can reflect the ideas, suggestions and legal requirements of corporations; government can effectively publicize relative laws, rules and policies. Through this bridge, Taiwan enterprises can have further understandings of each other and wider exchanges.

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