Haibao Pagoda [海宝塔寺]

  • Address:north suburb of Yinchuan
  • Contact: 0951-5038042, 5038020  
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The Haibao pagoda can be found in the courtyard of the Haibao temple in the north of Yinchuan. Though the exact age of the construction is unknown, it is believed that the pagoda was rebuilt by a Daxia King during China's Northern and Southern Dynasties period, around 1500 years ago. A traditional square pagoda, it rises to 53.9m and has 9 storeys and 11 flights of stairs. The view from the top floor is spectacular, and is one of the eight scenic treasures of Ningxia. The Ningxia society of Buddhism is located in the Haibao temple that surrounds the pagoda, and is set in a stunning environment with trees, pavilions, terraces and halls. There is an annual temple fair on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month of each year.

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