Yinchuan Hedong Airport (INC) (Yinchuan Hedong Jichang) [河东机场]

  • Address:Linhe Town, Lingwu city
  • Contact: 0951-6912218  
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Airport Ticket Office: 0951-6913456

To the airport:
The airport shuttle (RMB 15) picks up from the Century Building, the International Hotel, the Booking Office of China Air Express (at Minzu Beijie) and the Civil Aviation Building (87 Shengli Beijie) before arriving at the airport. The trip takes around an hour.
From the airport:
Buses leave from the airport to the International Hotel (at 365 Beijing Donglu) through the South Gate (Nanmen) and cost RMB15. The timetable is dependent on flight times.

Ticketing service:
Airport Ticket Office

Free Ticket Delivery Tel: 0951-6913455, 6913456, 6913457, 6912345, 6912185

Ningxia Xinlian Aviation Ticket Company
Add: 196 Xinhua Jie, Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-2011111, 6022022

Ningxia Yinyan Aviation Ticket Service Co., Ltd.
Add: 58 Zhingxinxiang, Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-6039789, 6011126, 8156888

Yinchuan Ningxintong Aviation Service Co., Ltd.
Add: 109 Qianjin Jie, Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-5043311, 5031133

Yinchuan Central Ticket Office
Add: Civil Aviation Building, 540 Changcheng Donglu, Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-6913456

Lantian Air Ticket Office
Add: 1st Floor of Civil Aviation Hotel, 34 Minzu Beijie, Yinchuan
Tel: 0951-3999999, 3976666, 6020333

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