Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Museum (Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu Bowuguan) [宁夏回族自治区博物馆]

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  • Address:east of Renmin square, Yinchuan
  • Getting there: 17, 102, mini-bus 2.
  • Contact: 0951-5042945  
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A new Ningxia Museum was completed in late 2006 located near Yinchuan People's Square. The museum is in three parts. The Ningxia History display holds the core artifacts from the older History museum which the new site replaced. It covers 30 thousand years of history from the Stone Age to the Qing Dynasty. The second section (the ''themed display'' section) has a Ningixa Rock Painting display, Ningxia Hui folk custom and curios exhibit and a Revolutionary display. A third area dedicated to temporary exhibitions holds various displays slated to include shows of pottery, ancient coins and various calligraphies.

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