Hanova International Department of Bodi School [西安汉诺威国际学校]

  • Address:188 Yudou Lu, Yanta District, Xi'an
  • Getting there: Hanova is located just 2 minutes from the West 3rd ring road and about 10 minutes from the intersection of Keji and Tangyan Roads. Go to our website to find full map information and a printable taxi card.
  • Contact: 137 5993 2051   sam.quan@his-xian.com
  • Opening hours: 8:40 - 15:40
  • Website: www.his-xian.com
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Hanova International Department of Bodi School is a community-driven, independently owned and operated organization backed by the Hanova Company and Bodi School. Hanova offers PreK - 12, primary and secondary grade levels. Hanova is committed to becoming an IBDP School within 2-3 years, offering diplomas for year 13 (grade 12) students. In addition, Hanova has already begun the process of working towards PYP and MYP authorization as well as offering external benchmarking for primary and middle school students, as well as year 11 high stakes testing and Advanced Placement. Hanova is located a short distance from the West 3rd ring road and just 10 minutes from the intersection of Keji and Tangyan Roads. If you would like to learn more about our school, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Jan 02, 2015 22:23

Hanova International School is turning from bad to worse. School has a lot of unofficial holidays dedicated to teacher training. Can’t they do it during the school holidays? They force parents to pay a lot of extra fees that are unreasonable. We pay computer fees, but there were no computer lessons. We pay field trip fees when there is no field trip. This is a lousy school. They even have porn books in the school library. This is not acceptable for me. If you happen to be in this School, watch your invoices, they will always quietly over charge you in areas that you may over look like exchange rates and lunch fees which you tell them not to include. If your company pays, they make sure you check the invoices as they will always overbill. They have no textbooks and are quite disorganized. Other schools like XiAn International School are a better choices. If you live in the northern part, there is a Christian international called Bo Ai school there. Avoid whenever possible Hanova. Just beware that they never keep their promises.

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