Wuxi Absolute Yoga Club [无锡绝对瑜伽会馆]

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There are a number of varieties of yoga offered here, from traditional to modern varieties.

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Guy Poran
Jul 31, 2011 13:05

Hi, I will be spending a lot of time in Wuxi starting September. I practice yoga for 7 years and would like to practice in Wuxi. Please tell me more about the classes you offer

Jul 29, 2011 22:16

hi ,
i am indian yoga teacher from hongkong.I am practice from 12 years old and teaching more then 5 years. i would like to worke in your company . I hope to do my best


Jan 30, 2011 20:58

respected sir/mam,
this is DR.MORESHWAR TONDFODE here. First i would like to introduce myself to u i m from India graduated from Nanjing Medical University P.R.China . I studied Chinese language and clear(pass out) Chinese proficiency test band 4 in 2008 and band 5 in 2009. I can speak local Chinese language and can understand it i learn Yoga and Naturopathy in "Shri. Ramchandra Tatoba Gaikawad Institute Of Yoga and Naturopathy Mhaisal’s" and is awarded by diploma in yoga and naturopathy in august 2000. Now I m doing part time yoga teaching job in some yoga club in Nanjing from last 1 year. i m teaching here basic yoga, hatha yoga, dyanamic yoga, asthanga yoga.i have 1 year yoga teaching experience.
These days I m looking for full time yoga instructor job in china. So if there is vacancies for yoga instructor job or if u need yoga instructor in ur club and want me to work in ur club as like yoga instructor please reply me as possible as u can so I can join ur club February 2011. if u want to know more about me contact me on my mobile number.008613776409101 this is my mobile number
thank u

QQ - 858692315 (858692315@qq.com)

yahoo mail - moreshwar_moru@yahoo.com

G mail - tondfodemoreshwar31@gmail.com

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