Museum Wuxi Opera (Xiju Bowuguan) [锡剧博物馆]

  • Address:9 Changdanong, Wuxi
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Opened in late 2006, the Museum of Wuxi Opera (Xiju) is the only one of its kind in China. It was sponsored by the Wuxi government and is charged with studying, preserving and showcasing the precious art of Wuxi Opera. The museum's collection contains over 3000 artefacts from Wuxi Opera from including costumes, musical instruments and stage properties.

The collection of exhibition rooms and performance halls are housed in a large Ming and Qing style building. In the centre of the atrium is a sculptured scene out of the classic Wuxi Opera: Zhenzhuta (the Pearl Pagoda)

Wuxi Opera appeared in the Qing Dynasty

Supposedly, a farmer from Wuzi, angry with his treatment at the hands of local officials, wrote down his frustrations in a series of lyrics, which he set to traditional Wu melodies.

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