Qingquan Temple in Shuimogou [水磨沟的清泉寺]

  • Address:Qingquan Mountain, Shuimogou District, Urumqi
  • Contact: 0991-4872539  
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Buddhism first appeared in Xinjiang in the 1st century BC, and began to develop steadily. The largest temples in Urumqi were Dafo Temple in Qingquan Mountain and Dafo Temple in Hongshan, both dating from the 14th century. Unfortunately, many temples and grottos were destroyed en masse during the cultural revolution, including these two. However, recent efforts to rebuild and redevelop temples and cultural sites have been successful, with the establishment of the new Qingquan Temple.

As the only currently functioning Chinese Buddhism temple in Xinjiang, the new Qingquan Temple (built in 1988) has begun to shoulder the new task of Xinjiang Buddhism for foreign cultural exchanges.

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