People' s Park [人民公园]

  • Address:3 Youhao Lu, Urumqi
  • Getting there: Bus route: 1, 2, 3, 7, 17, 58, 902
  • Contact: 0991-5838696  
  • Opening hours: 7.00am-midnight
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Located in the city center, People' s Park integrates cultural displays, leisure activities and historical sites.

The most evocative monument at this park is the monument to the martyrs of the Revolution unveiled in 1956. It is a popular meeting place & a focus for much of the park' s activities.

In the middle of the park lies Mochou Lake flanked by long tree-lined avenues which enhance the Lake' s peaceful, simple aspect. It has become an area for morning exercises, festivals and entertainment amongst Urumqi citizens. Three of the sights in the park appear on the list of the ''Eight Sights of Urumqi '' ; a list of sights that has guided tourists to the best spots in Urumqi for centuries. The highlights in Urumqi are boating in Jianhu Lake, listening to musicians in Cui and the architecture of Danfeng Chaoyang Pavilion.

The festivals held here include large-scale lantern and flower exhibitions and demonstrations of snow sculpture, art and opera.

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