Fubar [福吧]

  • Address:1 Gongyuan Beijie, Urumqi
  • Contact: 0991-5844498  
  • Website: http://www.fubar.com.cn
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Fubar is the only truly Western bar option in Urumqi (and Xinjiang, for that matter). They serve good pizza and have a decent selection of imported beers. There are also darts, pool and foosball, adding to the fun that can be had here.

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Chris Devonshire-Ell
Aug 17, 2012 23:58

The he only place to hang out in Urumqi and the regular haunt of many crazy expats from vodka swilling Uzbeks, Afghani traders and Kazak eagle hunters. Plus a bunch of mountaineering, hiking desert enthuisiants. You can almost expect Sven Hedin to drop in any moment. Brilliant!

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