Industrial and Commercial Bank of China [中国工商银行]

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Xinjiang Branch

Add: 231 Renmin Lu, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-5981888

Renmin Lu Sub-branch
Add: 286 Renmin Lu, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-2310427

Youhao Nanlu Sub-branch
Add: 285 Youhao Nanlu, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-4526923

South Railway Station Sub-branch
Add: 44 Xishan Xiang, South Railway Station, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-5813177

Tianjin Lu Sub-branch
Add: 65 Tianjin Nanlu, New-high Zone, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-6620201

Development Zone Sub-branch
Add: 77 Zhongya Dadao, Urumqi
Tel: 0991-3746058

Reviews (3)

Dec 07, 2012 10:24

good day
Please let the phone number of the bank officer to coordinate communication and the transfer of SWIFT MT

Chanho Chen
Nov 27, 2012 07:20

Do you have a branch located as below? If so, and please tell me the Fax number. Thanks
161 Chung ya nan Road, Developed Area, Urumqi, China
Tel: 3715631

Vincezn Loh
Dec 18, 2011 22:58

Do you have a branch located as below?
Information about Buyer’s Bank(LC issueing bank):
Bank Name : Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Xinjiang Branch
Bank Address : No 16, Hongqi Rd, Urumqi,Xinjiang, China
Account Number : 3002016919200091551
Account Name : Xinjiang Zhonghao Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.
Name of Bank Officer : Gao Feng
Telephone : 0086-991-2602481
Fax : 0086-991-2602007

Thank you.

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