Hongqishun Restaurant [鸿起顺饭庄]

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In 1935, the Yangtze river flooded disastrously, and three brothers - Zuo Honglin, Zuo Hongfa and Li Zhangqi - fled to Tianjin to escape the rising waters. The three men, all Muslims, decided to open a nameless restaurant serving pork-free meals to the locals of their new home. When the restaurant's popularity unexpectedly skyrocketed, they decided it was time to give the place a name. Taking one word ("hong" and "qi") from each of their names, the trio christened the eatery, which bears their mark to this day. Hongqishun specializes in stewed beef (Huang Men Niu Rou), stewed ox tongue and tail in brown sauce (Hong Rao Niu She Wei) and mutton soup (Quan Yang Tang).

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