GuoXin JiaFang [国欣家纺]

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Our products is: Healthy Refreshing Quilt ! We will face the group of customers who have been working or living ,studying in TianJin city , in locating area ,
Note : we need to meet someone who can hold plenty of human resurces , petential market in TianJin , somewhere like a school , a college , a university , a company in these places , you had got familiar resources to support your working
Job description : Years of work experience :5--6 years !
Currenr residence: TianJin city , in China
Language skill: Can speak Chinese sentences in simple words !
Nationality : not in special !
Job qualification : 1,Effective communicator with an ability to create a frienfly enviroment ,
2,Enthusiastic,resouceful and trainable,
3, strong and persuave interpersonal skills ,
4, Adapt easily to new situations ,Successfully handle a wide rage of functions ,
5, Maintain fous in demanding work enviroments ,under deadline and pressure ,
6,Ability to think strategically and creatively !
7,Be in plenty of human resources, be good at organization and contact !
Multi culture : Be interested in Chinese culture , can understand in different of Chinese custom, have a nice experience to know how to keep in good manner , show in business etiquette !
Job duties: Looking for potential market, work independently, and found

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