Taiyuan Wanbolin Swimming Club [太原市万柏林游泳俱乐部]

  • Address:1 Yifen Jie, Taiyuan
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Jan 01, 2014 11:43

The Wanbolin Swimming Club and the Binhe Swimming Club mentioned on this Website are actaully the same place. The telephone numbers are not correct, but the pool is really nice, though quite expensive. 25m, water not too cold, and usually very empty. There are nice, clean changing rooms, showers, free towels, a sauna, very friendly and helpful staff. Unfortunatelly they don't speak English, so you shouldn't go there on your own the first time. It's quite expensive though. I got a member card (5000RMB) and I can use it about 51 times, so one visit costs 98RMB. But in my opinion it's worth the money as there are usually very few people there, so you can actually swimm. The pool is hard to find. You have to walk around the sports center, it's on the other side. And I think it has a different name ( binhe guild hall).

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