Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TYN) [太原武宿国际机场]

  • Address: 32 Taiyu Lu, Taiyuan
  • Contact: 800-876-8999  
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Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TYN) (Taiyuan Wusu Guoji Jichang)
Taiyuan Wusu International Airport is situated 16 kilometers from the city centre in the southeastern outskirts of Taiyuan. A variety of daily domestic flights operate out of the airport, including Beijing (1.5 hrs), Shanghai (1.5 hrs), Guangzhou (2.5 hrs) and Xi'an (1.6 hrs) with less frequent flights to Tianjin (1.5 hrs), Chengdu (2 hrs), Nanjing (1.5 hrs) and Hong Kong (2.7 hrs).

Indirect travel to Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York and San Francisco can be started from here, stopping briefly in Beijing. Direct flights to Singapore and Thailand operate out of Taiyuan Wusu International Airport too. It has recently been designated as a supplementary airport for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

A shuttle service from the airport to the city centre costs around RMB 10, running from the Civil Aviation Ticketing Center at No.158, Yingze Dajie. The bus times are not regular, and are dependent on the arrival and departure times of the planes. Travel to the airport by taxi costs about RMB50, and by public bus around RMB.

Taiyuan Wusu International Airport (TYN)
Add: 32 Taiyu Lu, Taiyuan
Ticket Booking Tel: 0351-403 8209
Toll-free: 800-876-8999
Inquiry Tel: 0351-701 2355, 701 2590, 404 2903

» Ticketing Services...

CAAC Office
Opening hr: 08:00-20:00
Add: 158 Yingze Dajie, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351-404 2903

Shanxi Hualu Air Service Ticket Office
Add: 12 Xinjian Nanlu, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351-403 1678 (Domestic flights), 0351-416 7877(International flights)

Shanxi Foreign Airline Ticket Service Company Ticket Office
Add: 380 Yingze Dajie, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351-401 6383

Shanxi Tongbao Air Company Ticket Office
Add: 188 Binzhou Lu, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351-493 0508

China Eastern Air Company Shanxi Branch Taiyuan Ticket Office
Add: 15 Yingze Dajie, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351-404 2903
Toll Free: 800-806-1333

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