Twin Pagoda Temple (Shuang Ta Si) [双塔寺]

  • Address:Gaogang, Southeast of Taiyuan City
  • Getting there: 21, 820 (from the city center)
  • Contact:  
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Although referred by many names, The Twin Pagoda Temple, Shuang Ta Si (Yongzuo Temple [Yongzuo Si]) was originally constructed in 1608 during the Ming Dynasty and it is famed for its mountain location (Xiangshan Mountain). The temple's architecture adheres to the environment for each of its buildings fit well with the ascending landscape. The highlights of the complex are the 50-meter-high, 13-story, twin octagonal pagodas. The pagodas offer a great panoramic view of the city. The twin pagodas were built out carved bricks, and imitate its wooden predecessor.

The complex houses other buildings that house rare collection of steles carved by many famous calligraphers from different dynasties.

Travelers are recommended to visit the site in April during the blooming season when the legendary Peony plants are displaying their colorful blossoms, which aromatize the entire mountain. Legend has it, that the Peony plants were first planted during the early part of the Ming Dynasty and after many centuries, they are still displaying their wonderful blooms.

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