Suzhou Yifan Translation Agency [译帆苏州翻译公司]

  • Address:8 Baijia Xiang, Room 2210, Jingying Chuangyeyuan, Pingjiang District, Suzhou
  • Getting there: Take bus No.40, 313 to Beiyuan Xincun (北园新村) stop
  • Contact: 400 698 5181/138 1480 2291
  • Website: (Chinese)
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Specializes in Japanese, English, German, Russian, Korean and French. Hire an interpreter by the hour or for the day. Prices vary widely depending on the setting and language – Informal, Formal and Simultaneous services provided. Prices are anywhere from RMB120/hour of informal Chinese-English translation, to RMB9,000/day and up for simultaneous Chinese – German. Document translation prices reasonable, see website for details.

Fax: 0512 8210 7426

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