Lion Grove (Shi Zi Lin) [狮子林]

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  • Address:23 Yuanlin Lu, suzou
  • Getting there: 1,2,5, 40, 78, 201, 204, 301, 305
  • Contact: 0512-67272428  
  • Opening hours: 8 am--5 pm
  • Website:
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The Lion Grove (Shizilin) is famous for its limestone rockeries taken from Taihu Lake. These arrangements are famous for their leonine forms adorning the garden. The garden is known for having the most elaborite rockeries in all of Suzhou, and the largest single rock. Built in 1342 during theYuan Dynasty in Memory of Zhong Feng, a famous monk, the garden contains many towers in different styles as well as richly ornamented pavilions.

There are a number of halls here, including the Hall of Peace and Happiness, one of the principal buildings in the garden – and a masterpiece in Suzhou. The northern half of the hall differs from the southern half in many aspects, including the beam-framing method, furnishings, pavement, carvings, and window designs. The True Delight Pavilion is noted for its painted patterns and splendid green and gold carved beams. The Lion Grove, famous for its beautiful plum blossoms, is the home of Standing-in-Snow Hall and Pavilion for Greeting. The garden has a great collection of rare tablets, steles, calligraphy and paintings.

Head to this garden early, it gets crowded very quickly during the day, especially during peak times of the year.

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