Suzhou International Foreign Language School [苏州国际外语学校]

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Full-time private boarding school for kindergarten-senior high students. Eight hundred staff manages a campus of around 3000 students, around 100 of which are from overseas.

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Mar 10, 2016 21:41

Maybe this school is not very good, but not everybody stay here are very rich, some of them has excellent grade then they can get the free chance to study here. If as what you say most of students here are garbage, then I just want to ask you, have you know about everybody's grade? or their personality? or how is their family? If you don't know, then please keep quiet. I think you are a teacher of our school, I am the student came from that school, so I know more than you. Please be polite what you say on Internet.

Apr 22, 2013 08:44

It is a school being called 'syphilis' by ppl. Most of the admin ppl here do neither know how to run a school, nor treat ppl. If you are going to apply for this school, be careful cuz what they gonna prodivde you is totally different from what they promised.

e.g. a white(not Asian) Candian girl were told she would have free apart., free meals, free transportation b4 she came here. Acctually the apart. has all mold around, and the food here is just prison food with amount limited, which means u can not eat as much as you want, plus the free transportation means u walk to ur work place.

They do have some good studens but most of the students are just gabage, since they can not get into public school or some real international school like Dulwich or SSIS, they have to pay huge amount of tuition fee to study here. School won't do anything to these bad students cuz their parents are super rich and school need their money. Teachers here will have a pretty hard time.

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