Danish Baking Shifu [丹麦烘焙师傅]

| 2 Reviews | 10-50 | Pingjiang | Cafés
  • Address:293 Pingjiang Lu, Pingjiang District, Suzhou
  • Getting there: Near the northern section of the river
  • Contact: 159 9546 8007   order@homebaking.dk
  • Opening hours: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Website: www.homebaking.dk
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“Danish Baking Shifu 丹麦烘焙师傅” is a bakery running by a Danish guy Lars and his Chinese wife Sunny. Their Philosophy is let customers taste the original Danish baking and experience North European culture. It is located in the quiet north part of Pingjiang Lu.

The style of the shop decoration is simple Nordic. The red brick wall and the white Eames chairs compose the color of the Danish flag. The cuckoo clock, the picture of Denmark and Andersen fairy tale books make you feel that you are already in another country.

Have a cup of rich Italian coffee, taste some handmade Danish baking and chat about eastern and western culture or share life stories...We are!

Reviews (2)

Feb 08, 2019 04:23

The main reason I need a job in other countries that and what to know to stay with other people to learn how to take care of things and it can be a car in ikeja full kitchens i'm a professional in baking and has a bigger than abstract and title of things I would move very well in nigeria are the reason I want to suggest that my sim is not nigeria my dream is somewhere else is in your secondary I my dream is in this place very well I want to go and swim every time I sleep I dream about it I think like a very well as serious about it please I want to see my gym in this life that's why I struggled to centre city where I am I want to slap time inside it and waiting for that because every other things that you got me out to have this job at ikeja please I would like to take out thank you very much please I want to see my dream his wife want to make my trip to come to pass andy was growing up in an apparent I have the right out of the body as a loan but sound ok in italy that became so I came out when I eat alone I set myself please if you can help me tis the blessed guys thank you

Feb 08, 2019 04:19

I i want to be a baker in a contract can beg how to make a lot of things I want to do nigerians food us food orders food country are better than others and other things in available please I want to know if you could take me to know to stay with you guys and see my skills and directed in with a lot of things have a gift to know to cook and a lot of secret recipe I have that the recipe in my dreams have to be outside country I just make them into just a year of birth and trying again for myself do you know what I have for many years and working for a 30 replaces the today I still work for eateries and other places that is what I'm doing it secondly I want to help please I want to pursue my dream in outside country please I was dream about this and god has help me to link to people and places I have a place I beg of you in god's name please god bless you

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