Blue Marlin SND [蓝枪鱼苏州锦华店]

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Blue Marlin's Slogan is "Home Away From Home" and it is true to say that this venue is home to a group expats residing on the Upper West Side of Suzhou. Located at No. 98 Shi Shan Road in SGV Plaza, it is easy to each. ideal for most residents in the SND area. With a full bar and a western menu, the food quality is good. With an authentic 'Pub' theme... and live music from foreign bands put this venue in a 'special' class of it's own!

For those who have never been there before... you have to go inside SGV Plaza (entrance by the Family Mart)... Go straight through into second building and then up the escalator to second floor, turn right, walk few meters and you're there! Call 68087316 if you need assistance!

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