The Hebei Bangzi Theater of Hebei Province [河北省河北梆子剧院]

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The Hebei Bangzi Theater of Hebei Province was established in 1959. The theater group is comprised of 246 members in the TV and Film Department, Troupe 1, Art Office, Youth Troupe, Hebei Theater and Xiaobailing Troupe (Hebei Bangzi training academy for youths).

Since its establishment, the Theater has trained a large number of outstanding performers, scriptwriters, directors and stage design staff, many of whom have attained national and international fame. Peng Huiheng, Xu Heying and Wang Hongling are a few of the Theater's alumni members who have gone on to win the coveted Plum Blossom Award for Chinese plays.

The theater is renowned for its distinctive artistic style, superb stage art, strong acting casts and extensive opera repertoire. Many of the operas have been made into films and TV productions, thereby increasing the Theater's popularity throughout the country and abroad. Because of the growing international recognition, the Theater has sent troupes on a number of cultural exchanges to countries such as Japan, Singapore, France, Italy, Colombia and Greece.

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