Nantou Catholic Church [南头教堂]

  • Address:31 Xingming Beijie, Nantou Cheng, Shenzhen
  • Contact: 0755 2661 1334  
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In 1860, Nantou City was the designated home front for Catholic missionaries. Missionaries from Milan, Italy came to Nantou City and began to spread Christianity. The first Catholic church, Nantou Catholic Church was established in 1913. On Christmas Day in 1992, it officially changed its name from Orphanage to Nantou Catholic Church.

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Sep 18, 2012 07:07

This picture is of St. Anthony Church in Futian District. St. Paul Nantou cannot be seen from the road. It is behind a primary school

Jeff Trace
Jun 07, 2012 21:32

The picture you show for Nantou Catholic Church is the exact same picture shown for St. Anthony's on Who is right?

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