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This is Seven from Lean In Mandarin Training Center.
About me: been teaching Chinese for 5 years for foreigners both in China and abroad. (1year’s teaching in Thailand +4years’ teaching in China.).
I am glad to bring you our three months fast mandarin learning plans.Lean In and learn with us,you will find an easy,simple way to pick up and improve your mandarin skills.

If you are in beginner level,start with our beginner plan:
Beginner Level Training goal : 3 months pass HSK1-2
1 Pin yin pronunciation
2 Basic words(300)
3 Small talks regarding topics -–introducing and meeting new friends,taking taxi,shopping,making appointment,renting apartment,exchanging money ,having haircut ,seeing doctor and traveling etc.

Training Time :three months(twice lesson a week suggested)

If you already started,but just dpn't know how to improve,take lesson of our stage 2nd
Medium level training goal: passHSK 3,HSK4, 3months-6months
1 Characters learning ( {phone number hidden})
2 Structure and grammar learning
3 Storytelling and idea expressing skills

Training time :three to six months(twice lessons a week)

If you pass HSK4,just want to sharpen your mandarin skills,take lesson of our stage 3rd
High level training goal:passHSK5,HSK6, 3months-6months
1 Characters learning skills ({phone number hidden})
2 News reading and idea expressing skills
4 Story writing skills

Training time:six to twelve months(twice lessons a week suggested)

Another language another eye, if you are interested,please don’t hesitate and drop me a line !


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