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  • Address:Shop 60, Emperor Bay Garden, Zhaoshang Donglu, Houhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
  • Contact: 400 103 8686
  • Opening hours: 09:00-19:00, Mon-Sun
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Doctors Beck & Stone is a pet hospital group in China, supporting responsible pet ownership, and providing international-standard veterinary services. We are constantly striving to meet or exceed the highest operational, professional and ethical standards. We offer veterinary services, grooming, boarding, and pet foods. Our consultation and examination fee depends on the seniority and experience of our veterinarian. We offer a 25% compassionate discount for rescued pets until they are adopted.

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Jul 17, 2018 14:46

*How to pay lots of money without getting proper help for your pet*

For the past 4 months, our chronically ill dog has been a patient at Drs Beck & Stone. During this time, we have spent thousands of RMB on blood tests, medication, ultrasound examinations etc. – we even became a member in their ‘pet health club’ (10.000 RMB/year) to make sure our dog gets treated at what we - back then - thought was the best clinic in Shenzhen.
The approach suggested by the vet has not proven successful, despite a battery of tests, experimenting with medications and frequent injections (we live a 45 mins taxi ride away from the clinic, so going there up to 3times/week is a huge investment of money and time). Funnily enough, though, when sending the results of the tests, scans etc carried out to a vet in Europe, we got a rather clear diagnosis, together with a recommendation for medication.

Going back to B&S, we asked for a prescription, which we got with the recommendation to go to HK to acquire the pills (“We don’t trust mainland pharmacies” as one of the nurses said). The HK pharmacies, however, asked for the registration number of the prescribing doctor with the HK medical board as well as his address – which would have been easy to supply since the vet responsible for the treatment actually stems from HK. This is where things got weird, because the B&S outright refused to supply this information. Our alternative requests for a) a recommendation of a pharmacy where these things were NOT required or b) a prescription from one of their own clinics in HK was met with the answer that “they had now really done enough and that we should try on our own”. The B&S clinics in HK (we called several) stated that they would need to see the dog themselves in order to assess whether the diagnosis was correct – not really possible without having to put the animal in quarantine and utterly ridiculous for a hospital allegedly affiliated with the one in Shenzhen. Long story short: our dog still has not gotten the necessary medication and the doctors who claim that they will work toward ‘long, happy and healthy lives’ for your pets do not give a shit.

Based on our experiences over the past few months, here’s a little l+/- for B&S:

+ the clinic is bright, spacious and clean
+ the nurses are usually nice to the animals
+ most doctors and nurses speak good English

- Overpriced - B&S charges about 3x the price of other pet hospitals for blood tests and medication
- B&S recommend more tests (blood, stool etc.) than are actually needed
- ‘visiting specialists’ - I doubt that they are really there in person. I NEVER met the one allegedly doing the ultrasound for our dog. The scan was carried out by a local doctor (obviously not a specialist but clearly named on the document), the report was signed (but also written?) by the specialist.
- The consultation fees of their junior vets are higher than the ones for senior vets in other hospitals
- The fact that they are unwilling to provide information on even their senior doctors leaves room for doubt in terms of their qualification
- The ‘comprehensive network’ of clinics they advertise is worth ZERO – not even within the network do the doctors trust each other’s competency and provide support
- Opening hours are so unfavourable that they ca not respond to emergencies (our dog was hospitalized in another clinic bc B&S was simply ‘closed’)
- Office staff is rude and unhelpful
If I can make a recommendation – try out Puppy Town in Shekou, where our dog stayed for almost 10 days. Most doctors speak OK English, the remaining communication can be done with Google/Baidu translate. They are basically open around the clock, absolutely meticulous in their examinations, quick in providing help and lovely to the animals. If you are into it, they also very successfully offer Chinese medicine treatments, e.g. acupuncture, for animals.

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