Boxing For Health and Fitness Boot Camp Experience! [拳击对于健康和健身!]

  • Address:The location will be given to those who sign up and agree to take this class, this is a private not class. Class will be held in OCT district.
  • Getting there: OCT Metro station, on the Line 1.
  • Contact: 132 4207 9286
  • Opening hours: 19:00-21:00
  • Website:
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I am a boxer of some 30 years, and I will be starting a class within the next few weeks that will focus on fitness, strength, conditioning, and boxing, basically a boxing class and boot camp. Being someone who actually went through boot camp, and who isn't just some pretty boy personal trainer who is using the name as a gimmick to get students, I can assure you that this class will be as close to boot camp as possible, while still serving the purpose of helping one improve as a boxer. Meaning it will be a lot more accurate then what you will get anywhere else.

You will get a total of 40 hours worth of lessons in a 2 month period.

In this class you will learn everything...

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Jul 31, 2012 00:46

Please come train with me and learn the 4 ranges of fighting plus extra long range and tight trapping range. Classes are currently held in a one-on-one basis for maximum growth. During your classes you will learn a variety of non-classical Jeet Kune Do concepts. Classes may or may not contain running, jumping, stretching, calistenics, and more based on basic conditioning. You will also learn Sumbratta in a 3 step flow, Sinawali 3,4,5 step methods, trappping drills from Wing Chun and Kali, Straight Blasts punching, Western Boxing, rythem of 3, footwork and head movement, Thai kick- thai and inside shin kicks, Pananjakman, Elbows, Knees and Headbutts, sensitivity drills, arm locks, chokes, hold, restraints, toe kicks, Panantukan, nerve destrucions, range control, eye jabs/groin smashes, arm bashing based on crosstraning trapping, weapon training for the empty hand and more. Let's have fun and train.

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