Jenny Huang Mandarin Classes [黄静]

  • Address:Tian'an High Tech Cyber Park, Futian District, Shenzhen
  • Getting there: Provide Chinese classes in Futian and Nanshan district.
  • Contact: 13317832263
  • Opening hours: 08:00-22:00
  • Website:
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Time to get your Chinese study fired up!!! - Professional Chinese Training in Shenzhen! Don’t lose your best chance to learn and master a language when you are in the native country. Start your lessons with an experienced teacher—Jenny. I will not only teach you the most useful conversations and proper ways to communicate in Chinese, but also help you acquire some methods and skills about how to learn the language in the most efficient way. So you can improve your speaking and listening in a short time and have no trouble making any sentence that you want to say. I teach a specialized mandarin program that I designed to be a unique teaching system of Chinese learning. It has proven to be a very effective course since it provides quality classes which perfectly meet my students’ different levels, needs and requirements.

This is not a language school or a part-time teaching gig, but instead efficient and high quality teaching and learning from someone who really cares and puts in solid effort for your benefit! As a full-time Chinese teacher who runs my own teaching program, I am always passionate in my work to spread and share the Chinese language and culture with people from around the world, especially in helping everyone learn my language in an easier way. Free trail Class for every new student! Write me an email and book your lessons now! Check more info about the classes and testimonials on my website:

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