Hua Qiang Bei [华强北]

  • Address:Huaqiang Beilu, Futian District, Shenzhen
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After Dongmen, get back on the metro’s line one and continue travelling west to the Hua Qiang Bei stop. Hua Qiang Bei is an area full of buildings selling all manner of electronics that begins with the landmark SEG building on Shennan Boulevard and runs one kilometre north to the Pavilion hotel. Hua Qiang Bei’s pulsating atmosphere makes it the highlight of shopping in Shenzhen, even for techno-tards. Climbing up the SEG’s escalator is akin to walking through all the stages of an assembly line: the first floor displays semiconductors, chips and wires unidentifiable to all but the tech-savy; the second circuit boards; the third through sixth floors completed monitors, laptops, USB sticks, webcams, wireless routers, and software. Hua Qiang Bei is a techy’s dream come true, but even if you aren’t product sourcing, visiting here is a fascinating glimpse into the China that is the workshop of the world. You can also find women’s clothing and good eats in Hua Qiang Bei, but above all else, this area is about incomparable ambience.

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