Luo Hu Commercial City [罗湖商业城]

  • Address:South of Shenzhen Railway Station, Luohu District, Shenzhen
  • Contact: 0755 8233 8178  
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Coming in from Hong Kong, many visitors never make it past Luohu’s Commercial City - a shame because quality increases and prices decrease as you penetrate deeper into Shenzhen. Commercial City is a seven-story mall with 32 escalators, 16 lifts and 1280 shops that is just across the boarder from Hong Kong. It offers the standard array of Shenzhen products - handbags, electronics, and kitsch - along with services like visits to the doctor or dentist and massages. High prices, prowling pickpockets and plenty of unreliable gear mean that, unless day-tripping from Hong Kong, there is little reason to spend a day here. If electronics are what you want, you are better off paying for quality in Hong Kong or heading to Hua Qiang Bay, as Commercial City’s electronics range from unreliable to dysfunctional. The fifth floor fabric bizarre is worth a look, however, and a good place to custom-tailor a sharp suit.
Luohu Commercial City is adjacent to Shenzhen’s subway station. Take line one metro east, to the very last stop (or very first if coming from Hong Kong) and shop away just outside of the immigration checkpoint.

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