Old Tom's Bar [老汤姆酒吧]

  • Address:220 Fengtian Jie, Shenhe District, Shenyang
  • Contact: 024-23899051  
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97th club
Jan 29, 2011 07:25

This restuarant/ bar is a sad impression of a karoke night at a local corner bar in the ghetto. The music is medicore. The vibe is relaxing at first till you have to deal with the service. You pay upfront and if you have any problems with your order, you are in for a very long night. This is not a nice place to entertain foreign business clients nor meet fellow expats. This is the place for people who are stuck in the tourist trap and does not know that China has better service and treat foreigners with hospitality. I have never been treated so badly by anyone in China since I have been here for six months . This company needs to get their act together if they want to develop relationships with the expat community!

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