Baofayuan Famous Restaurant [宝发园名菜馆]

  • Address:1 Tianyuan Xiang, Xiaoshenzi Jie, Dadong District, Shenyang
  • Contact: 024-24316063  
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Founded by Guo Xiyu, a Hebei Province native, during the final years of the dynastic period, Baofayuan serves traditional Shandong food with a twist. Baofayuan's four famous house specials quick-fried kidney with liquor sauce (Liu Yao Hua), quick-fried liver with liquor sauce (Liu Gan Jian), Sautéed yellow vegetables (Liu Huang Cai)and fried balls ( Jian Wan Zi). Baofayuan has been made famous by the high praise showered on it by Marshal Zhang Xueliang, a war hero and renowned patriot from the early 1900's.

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