Ye Cha Pub

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Ye Cha Pub is much bigger in space. It provides a massive central bar, which has a great wall-hung flat

screen telly showing stupendous Western action movies. A small platform provides the occasional duo,

consisting of singer and pianist performing Western and Chinese songs.
Around the bar, you will find comfortable table seating and terrifically large U-shaped booths with overhead

tellies. Need to make a call but forgot your mobile phone? No problem, there is an authentic red British

phone box, fully operable inside to use.
This pub is so different from the other because it is much livelier. There is always great pumping music

blasting throughout the bar. A live musical band performs on a larger stage near the kitchen after 8:00 pm

and between the band's breaks, there are three Chinese dancers.
The food is the same since it is prepared in this pub. The drink is better though since there is more to

choose from. You can order ice-cold jugs of beer and a wide selection of whisky and refreshing cocktails. The

atmosphere just gives the desire to get buzzed.

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