Samsura Pub

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Samsura Pub has a dimly lit atmosphere. Many antiquated items are hung over the walls, along with photos and

movie posters from the West. A wooden bar with high stools floats in the centre of the space.
They serve draft or bottled beer, and cocktails. Music is a pleasure to listen to since they have a live band

playing Western and Chinese songs every night. Western music videos are also on display on overhead tellies

around the space, blasting cool classic rock when the band is on a break.
This pub is not large but it has enough small tables to handle a lot of patrons. Snacks are available, such

as French fries, fried beef strips, popcorn and fruit platters. The service comes from the Ye Cha Pub next

door since there is no kitchen in this pub.
Overall, this is the place for a night for drinking -- a "must to visit" pub; put it on your list for next

time you and your friends go out to paint the town red!

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