Carrefour [家乐福]

  • Address:268 Shuicheng Nanlu, near Yan'an Xilu, Shanghai and other locations around town
  • Contact: 021 6209 8899  
  • Website:
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If all you're after is an entry-level bicycle, you could do a lot worse than check out Carrefour. Make your way past the imported cheese and two-for-one underwear, and there's a reasonable selection of ready-to-ride steeds. You can't haggle like you can elsewhere, and the staff don't know too much about what they're selling, but on the plus side you can carry your shopping home in your new basket. The same is also true of sporting-goods giant Decathlon (600 Lantian Lu, near Yanggao Zhong Lu, and other locations around town; 5030 7558; Both chain stores have basic mountain bikes starting at around 700 RMB.

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