Lotus Supermarket [易初莲花购物中心]

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Lotus is part of Chia Tai Group. It specializes in canned and fresh fruits imported from Thailand.

Shangnan Branch
Add: 3521 Shangnan Lu, Shanghai
Tel: 021-68321188
Opening hrs: 8:30-22:00

Yanggao Nanlu Branch
Add: 1128 Yanggao Nanlu, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-58731228

Zhengda Plaza Branch
Add: 168 Lujiazui Xilu, Shanghai
Tel: 021-50470648

Zhoujiazui Branch
Add: 4295 Zhoujiazui Lu, Yangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-65680044

Chuanchang Branch
Add: Chuanchang Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-64439966

Reviews (2)

Jun 25, 2019 16:40

I think I know why their Super Brand Mall store has no customers now.
There's a miserable women working on the till who gets really angry every time customers disturb her wechat sessions and she has to do some work. Oh .., and she doesn't speak Chinese so she doesn't communicate with anyone.

Ian Little
Mar 21, 2012 19:08

please advise your email address, we have a product to offer your LOTUS supermarkets.

Southern Extreme International Ltd
New Zealand

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