UBC Coffee [上岛咖啡]

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  • Address:1/F, 720 Nanjing Donglu, Huangpu District, Shanghai (near Guizhou Lu)
  • Contact: 021 6352 8387  
  • Opening hours: 10:00-00:00
  • Website: http://www.sh-shangdao.com/ (Chinese)
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Shanghai Branch
Add: 20, 1881Nong, Dongfang Lu, Pudong New District (Xinqu), Shanghai
Tel: 021-50393622
Fax: 021-50393621

Nanjing Xilu Branch
Add: Huanghe Lu Intersection, 6F, 198 Nanjing Xilu, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-63583003

Zhongshan Park Branch
Add: 2F, 99 Huichuan Lu, Changning District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-52729011, 52729022

Huashan Branch
Add: Yuyuan Intersection, 2 Huashan Lu, Jing' an District, Shanghai
Tel: 021-62482357, 62483480

Reviews (3)

Sep 29, 2012 16:26

Hi Jay, Meg,

Thanks for posting your experiences online.
I had the same encounter yesterday. A lady also befriended me at Nanjing Road and talked me into having coffee with her as she was also a tourist.
When we arrived at the shop, she wanted to sit in a private room instead of sitting in the open space area. I insisted on sitting in the open area. We ordered drinks and when they arrived, I suspected that something was up. The bill came and it was almost 1000 yuan. I had to pay the bill using my credit card. I absolutely agree that these people are in cahoots with the restaurant. My advice is that you should block your credit card and request for a new one in case these people try to clone your cards and charge other items to it without your knowledge.

Sep 22, 2012 20:28

I was also a victim of a scam at UBC Coffee right in Nanjing Road. A lady befriended me and said she wants to learn English. Being a friendly backpacker, I agreed after she insisted for so long. She chose a BBQ restaurant, but sensing it dangerous, I told her to choose another one. She chose UBC Coffee. I thought it is better now since I thought it was a random choice. She ordered a glass of whisky for each of us (I declined since I avoid alcohol) and when the bill came, it was for 5,000 yuan! I paid almost 1000 in cash and charged the others in my credit card. These people are in cahoots with the restaurant. Be more vigilant with people who approach you.

Aug 20, 2012 07:21

This is a regular UBC coffee shop on the outside, but I just want to warn other foreigners that my family and I were victims of a scam earlier today at this coffee shop. We were brought to the shop by a man who called himself "John", ordered just a few drinks, and were expected to pay the outrageous 620 yuan bill, which was backed up by a menu with different prices than we had seen before. Be forewarned--we were able to argue the bill down a little but ended up paying more than 400 yuan for this little excursion. I will now never go back to a UBC coffee shop but think it's very important for other travelers to be wary of this type of scam so they also don't become victims.

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