Baiyun Guan (White Cloud Taoist Temple) [白云观]

  • Address:8, 100 Nong, Xilin Houlu (Back Street), Laoximen, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Getting there: 11, 18, 23, 24, 43, 782
  • Contact: 021 6385 5366  
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Baiyun Guan was originally built in a different location in 1863; in 2004, it was moved to its present location. The temple is one of only two Taoist temples in China (the other is in Beijing) to possess the precious Ming Dynasty Taoist scripture, Daozang. Today, the temple is the headquarters of the Taoist Association, and is considered the top Taoist temple in Shanghai. Seven unique Ming Dynasty bronze statues are also housed in the temple.

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