Jing'an Chinese School - Jing'an Campus of SN Mandarin [静安区汉语学校-南北中文静安校区]

  • Address:​F10,Room 1006, No.309, Yuyuan Road (corering Beijing West Rd), Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
  • Getting there: 3-minute walk from Exit No.1 of Jing'an Temple Station, Metro Line 2/7
  • Contact: 021-65078056   info@snmandarin.com
  • Website: www.snmandarin.com
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SN Mandarin Chinese School, or South & North Mandarin, is named for the directions on a compass. SN Mandarin’s goal is to guide all students who want to learn Chinese in China to reach their Chinese language skill goals and enable others to pursue their passions in life.

SN Mandarin, as one of the Top Chinese Schools in Shanghai,exists to provide the best, most effective Chinese language education services and learning experiences. All personnel at SN Mandarin Chinese School Shanghai are committed to creating and maintaining a trusting and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting.

Since 2007, over 3000 students from more than 40 countries have been realized their Chinese dream with the supports from SN Mandarin.

SN Mandarin is Quality Mandarin School by IATCSOL, the Official HSK Test Center in Shanghai (Paper-and-Pen), the Strategic Partner with Confucius Institute Online.

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