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  • Address:No. 422 Fu Cun Road
  • Getting there: subway line 11 zhen ru station
  • Contact: 13052585179   info@enjoywash.com
  • Opening hours: 10am-10pm Monday to Sunday
  • Website: www.enjoywash.com
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Enjoy wash is area rug cleaning company who provide area carpet dry cleaning or wet cleaning service. We offering door to door pickup deliver, fast and reliable service to help the expats in shanghai solve the area rug cleaning problems. We using the latest technology and the imported products to particularly cleaning your area carpet in about 3-7 days,

Basic Cleaning:

kidsonrugAt Enjoy Wash, the most basic service we provide involves a variety of steps that allows your rugs retain their pristine condition and are free of any form of disease causing factors. The steps we follow are pre-vacuum, apply our very own patented carbonation solution, applying dryer plus brush pile to ensure thorough cleaning.

Remove Stains:

Stains such as wine or coffee spills among others can prove stubborn to get rid of from rugs and carpets, at Enjoy Wash we pride on taking that stress away from you. Our patented specialized chemical solutions take care of those stains without being harsh on the rugs. The earlier you send us the stained rug, the easier would it be for us to get rid of them for you.

Cleaning and protection:

Rugs need to be deeply cleaned to take out deeply seeded dust mites, microbes, molds that can make your favorite rug a big health hazard for you. We use special chemicals to the rugs while protecting it from any kind of harm.

Reasonable cleaning price starting at only 80RMB
Contact us now at: www.enjoywash.com

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